Since 1994, Delta Testing Services, Inc. has offered full-service electrical testing services on a wide variety of electrical apparatuses used to generate, transform, and distribute electricity. Delta has grown into the largest electrical testing company on the southern central valley of California by specializing in acceptance testing, routine testing, maintenance, service, repair, and upgrades.

Delta Testing Services Offers

• Full-Service Substation Maintenance

24-hour Response 

• Transformer and Switchgear Services

• Protective Relays

• Low, Medium, and High Voltage Circuit Breakers

• Battery Maintenance

• Ground Fault Certification

Why Choose Delta Testing Services?

At Delta, our people make the difference. Our team has a combined experience of more than 100 years working directly with electrical apparatuses. When other electrical testing companies will test the specified equipment, then simply generate a report and leave the customer with the problem, our crews don’t leave until the job is done and you are operational. We run the required testing and perform any needed services, maintenance, repairs or upgrades to get your equipment operating at the optimal level.

We run five crews with service trucks that are fully equipped to meet any electrical need, from micro-processor-based protective relaying and the associated schemes, to all manner of electrical apparatus testing, maintenance, service, repair, and replacement. Our primary work ranges from low-voltage systems to power plants as large as 1000MVA operating at 500kV connected to the bulk electrical system.